Book Launch Spotlights LAF Work on Domestic Violence

Mary Donna GlassesThanks to everyone who came to the official launch of Saluting the Sun last night.   LAF’s Jennifer Payne  shared with us examples of the work they do with families and victims of domestic violence.  STS is not necessarily “about” domestic violence (although we hope it contributes to that important public conversation), as much as it is “about” the struggles of two very different women, wedded to two very different self-images, to discover their true selves and their self-worth. Nevaeh Thera  lives in a tree house and has a pet rat, and is trying to live, as the Bible story says,  as a “lily of the field.”  Although that doesn’t always work out so well for her, she learns that life is not about what happens to us but how we respond.   SALUTING THE SUN is now available in paperback and electronically.    Because Nevaeh plays the glass harmonica in New Orleans, my sister, actress Donna Steele (Steel Beam Theatre) helped me set up and “tune” water glasses!  I only know of one person who drank the music!

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