Works in Progress

Captain Aunt (memoir)

A sailing adventure with six teenage girls helps the captain come to terms with her childlessness.
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Grammy’s Stone

A woman obituary writer considers adoption and discovers her Irish mother’s secrets.
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The City Girls

Three women take a mid-life sabbatical and get drawn into a community’s denial of its drug and alcohol problem.
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It Will Surely Come

A bone marrow transplant changes the lives of a woman, her donor-brother and their mother, who slips into dementia while her son cons her out of her money.
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What would you do if you found out you might have a fatal genetic disease? Would you want to take the test to know for sure? Would you tell your fiancée? Would he want to know? These are the questions faced by Kayleigh Murphy, granddaughter of Townsend, Wisconsin’s best family, and her unsuspecting boyfriend, Gates Blankenship, a graduate student in demographics.
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Flora Bradley, a legal aid attorney, survives a horrific fire and receives a multi-million dollar settlement. A modest person, she doesn’t know what to do with her new found wealth, but many around her, including her troubled brother Matt, have plenty of ideas. Flora wants her money to “help,” but there’s no helping those who won’t help themselves.
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Three interwoven stories: A mother gives birth in 1960 to a thalidomide baby and must overcome her perfectionism to accept her deformed child, discovering the “feminine mystique” and early feminism along the way. Her second daughter, born perfect, struggles to live up to that perfection as a television news reporter. The first born, bright, energetic and optimistic, becomes a lawyer and must cope with her mother’s Alzheimer’s, her sister’s addictions, and her own quest for motherly love.
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The God of All Grace

A Christian legal psychodrama!  (More will be revealed!)

Harmony’s Peace & Joy

Two brothers–an overachiever and an underachiever–try to forge a relationship that helps them each escape the expectations instilled in them by a demanding, but now dead, father. Chapter