Fairways montageTold through 17 new songs, including the “New Shoe Soft Shoe,” the“Practice Range Rap,” and the“Leader Board Blues,” Fairways is the witty and sophisticated story of two people learning not only the game of golf, but also the life lessons it teaches. Fairways premiered at the Steel Beam Theatre, St. Charles, Illinois, on February 24, 2006, and played to 12 consecutive sold out audiences.

Critics raved, “Fairways’ sinks a hole in one on stage – The production is a solid gold nugget that sparkles and shines in all of its many facets….: (The Kane Country Chronicle)

Mary is an avid golfer who considers it a “spiritual exercise” in learning to accept bad outcomes for good shots and nice tries. As one song says, golf requires “effortless effort.” Mary also believes, “You really have to learn to play within yourself, to stay with the process rather than anticipate the results. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of putting golf on stage—the theatre has that same ‘now-moment’ quality to it.”

Second Production, Steel Beam Theatre, September, 2010 (15 performances)

Third Production, Endpoint Theatre, Chicago, IL, January 2011 (10 performances)