Coming Soon: Noah’s Ark and My Next Novel!

USA Today reports that a full sized replica of Noah’s Ark is  being built on former farmland  less than an hour south of Cincinnati in Williamstown, KY, and will officially open in less than 10 months.  The Ark Encounter, when complete, will be the largest timber structure in the world.  It is being billed as a full-sized replica of Noah’s Ark, as described in the Bible’s book of Genesis. The dimensions will be in cubits (the Egyptian version, 20.4 inches), making it  85 feet wide and more than 50 feet tall, and they say that’s before you add the sail. The builders are expecting  a million tourists to visit the “Ark Encounter” at $40 a pop; when my fourth novel, One for the Ark,  is published in April, 2016, I hope for as many readers, at $9.99!

The ultimate irony here is that a recent pre-publication review of One for the Ark called my plot, which involves, in part, a farmer who wants to undertake such a project on his land across from the State Forest in southeast Wisconsin, “wildly implausible.”


PS:  Said reviewer also said One for the Ark was “a delightfully lighthearted tale that engages serious issues through farce”  and also said it was “so inventive and genuinely funny.”


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