We’re a few months away from the publication of my fourth novel, ONE FOR THE ARK. I won’t use “fourth” as a segue here (that would be cheesy), but I will take this opportunity to be grateful for freedom of the press, freedom of speech and freedom of religion, all of which come into play in this novel about small town politics and big life issues. Also grateful for self-publishing, making Courting Kathleen Hannigan, Warming Up and Saluting the Sun possible.  And for the web! What a difference if makes to our freedom to communicate with each other (even if we abuse that freedom with silly postings, sexploitations and misdirects). Starting today, I’m going to try to share some interesting tidbits more frequently, hopefully on Mondays. Not because you need to hear from me, but because–you guessed it–I have a new book coming out in the fall. If Ann Landers (born Eppie Lederer on July Fourth, 1918) could write a daily column for 56 years, maybe I can make a few month’s worth of the modern equivalent, the blog. I promise no unsolicited advice.

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