Friends of Friends Become Fans

A friend of a friend just wrote to me:

“I just finished “Warming Up,” and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it.  If I could write a novel like that, I think I would really feel like I made a contribution to our society.  It has so many terrific elements and themes.  But, of course, you know that, because they came out of your head and your life experience!

I am so glad that I attended your book party, that Mary hosted it, and that I had the opportunity to read this book.  I can only hope that you have another in the works!”

How wonderful that someone would take the time to read my work and to write such a kind note.  One of the perks of indie publishing is that, at least in the beginning, you can have personal contact with your readers.  And some will take the time–even though they are not your friends, but friends of friends dragged to a reading or a party–to encourage you with comments like these.   As I wrote in my thank you note to the writer, feedback like this is priceless!  Whatever costs there are to indie or self-publishing, it is very gratifying to know for sure that someone who didn’t have to read your book did, and found it worthwhile.

If you’ve read an indie book recently, take a couple minutes to contact the author.  That would be a pretty meaningful contribution to the indie-publishing community, and thus, as my “fan” wrote, to our society.

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