Hilary and Kathleen Hannigan; Daphne and the Dems

Courting Kathleen Hannigan cover

The Democratic National Convention starts today and you know that Daphne would love to be there, if she could. Thomas, of course, was probably at last week’s convention, but only for purposes of hobnobbing with his fellow State party leaders. You’ll understand soon enough: at election time, Mayor Thomas Donaldson, a moderate conservative, and his wife Daphne, the county liberal, divide their lawns down the middle and agree to disagree. Theirs is a unique marriage, and they face some unique challenges, both political and personal, in my fourth novel, ONE FOR THE ARK (Ampersand 2016). Official launch is in September, but preview copies will be available soon. Get one from me ($15, cover price $16.95) or put it on your Kindle. Then write an early review on amazon.com.   And if you haven’t yet done so, , and want to know what it would’ve been like if Hilary Clinton had come home from Yale Law (like I did) and joined a blue-stocking Chicago law firm as one of its first women, read COURTING KATHLEEN HANNIGAN ($3.99 on Kindle). I’m told it’s still a timely read! http://www.amazon.com/Courting-Kathleen-Hannigan-Mary-Hutchings/dp/0976123568

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