How to Build an Ark: Follow the Rules

cardsThis is “According to Hoyle” day, the anniversary of the death of Edmond Hoyle in 1769. He is believed to have studied law, and gave instructions in London in the playing of the game of whist. He published a “Short Treatise” on the rules in 1742, and hence the expression, “according to Hoyle” connotes playing by the rules. My new novel, ONE FOR THE ARK, involves lots of rules, most of which are broken, one way or another.  (When the story opens, George McBurney  threatens to build an “exact replica” of Noah’s Ark across from the state forest.  The rules for building the ark are set forth in exquisite detail in Genesis 6:14.  However,  McBurney “doesn’t know a cubit from a cubicle” and so, even if permitted to build the Ark across from the State Forest,  would be likely to construct an eyesore, and an inaccurate one at that.  Look for the official launch of OFTA  on September 19.  Advance copies available now on

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