Please Help Me with Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest


PLEASE HELP Me MAKE THE FINALS of the AMAZON BREAKTHROUGH NOVEL COMPETITION My most recent unpublished novel, ONE FOR THE ARK, is one of 480 Semifinalists in this national contest (top 20%). TEN manuscripts will make the finals, as judged by Penguin Books. Penguin will select from those entries with the most “customer reviews.” I’m asking you to take a few minutes to read part of the first chapter of ONE FOR THE ARK, and to write a few words of your own (75-300) about how you’ve been drawn into the story, are fascinated by the characters, love the writer’s blend of humor and insight, enjoy the quirky and smart narrative voice, can’t wait to read more and see the movie, etc. etc. It’s free!!—and reviewers (you) are eligible to win one of 3 prizes. STEP BY STEP: 1. Go to AMAZON.COM/ABNA 2. In the middle, under the headline, “Discover the Next Breakthrough Novel,” you’ll see “Explore Semifinalists in Five Categories.” CLICK on GENERAL FICTION 3. Go to PAGE 9 of GENERAL FICTION 4. ONE FOR THE ARK is the first selection (far left) in the second to last row on that page. CLICK on it. 5. At the new page, ONE FOR THE ARK, CLICK on the Left, “Download for Free” 6. When the new page comes up and tells you that you have received an “AMAZON Short,” CLICK “VIEW NOW” to read on-line, or CLICK “DOWNLOAD TO MY COMPUTER.” (Both are FREE.) 7. AFTER READING, RETURN TO PREVIOUS WEBPAGE (#6) and, at the BOTTOM, CLICK on “CREATE YOUR OWN REVIEW.” This is when you say nice things, so that if I’m ever a famous author, I’ll remember you fondly and support you in your wild schemes and dreams. 8. ASK A FRIEND TO HELP A FRIEND On MARCH 2, the top TEN are announced, and you get to vote again (and again, Chicago-style) for the Grand Prize winner. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

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