Cited in Article on Work/Life Balance

An article entitled “Work/Life Balance in the Law” by Elizabeth Harrin (London) cites my experience as “Of Counsel” to Winston & Strawn, a work arrangement which has allowed me generous time to write. She quotes me as follows: I think the biggest obstacle which women face in achievuing balance is the ‘I want it all/I can do it all’ mentality,” she adds. “As a younger lawyer, I gave much more time to practicing law than I do now; I didn’t write at all then, and now I do. We also have to realize that at different times, we may have different priorities, and will be unbalanced in some way. At any given point in time, you simply cannot have it all.” So, I’m saying, balance is over a period of time. We need to give ourselves the gift of time. See the story.

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