I’m going to start blogging!  The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin asked me to contribute to their Nonbillable Hours page once a month (4th Fridays), which will give me a chance to write  about something I am very interested in, and have come to know a lot about:  making the transition from being a legal writer to being a writer of narrative.  All the agents and literary advisors say authors “must” have blogs, but really, to say what?   Writer conferences are big on having platforms, but how does that apply to the writer of literary fiction?  I’ve written ten novels on vastly different topics, so what is my “platform”?  The invitation from the CDLB helped me to articulate what might tie all these novels together on some meta-level:  they are all the work of a person applying legal skills to the process of discovering story while unlearning the strictures of “legal” writing.  Hence, the column, and an excuse to, dare I say it, become a blogger!

To the blogging end, welcome to my new website, launched in wordpress with the help of  Kendra Haskins Design.  Isn’t it lovely? 

I was introduced to Kendra through Shari Stauch of Shark Marketing, who advises authors on the use of social media.  I met Shari at Words and Music in New Orleans in 2010, and in 2012 she came up to Chicago to present a workshop to the hundred authors who attended Pen to Digital Press, a self-publishing conference I created/chaired, sponsored by Lawyers for the Creative Arts.  

My first Chicago Daily Law Bulleting column will appear April 27.  I’ll be republishing here and adding new insights and news from time to time.

Thanks for visiting!

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