“Warming Up” in Quarter Finals of Amazon Breakthrough Novel Voting Contest

The GOOD NEWS: My newest novel, WARMING UP, made it to the QuarterFinals of the amazon.com Breathrough Novel Award competition (top 250 out of 5000–still a ways to go!) The next round is judged by Penguin editors, but they will consult with reviews you might post, based on your reading of an excerpt like the first f…ew pages. They’ve changed the reviewing process, however, to help them introduce their new KINDLE applications. You can use your KINDLE to “buy” WARMING UP for ZERO dollars, or you can download a KINDLE Beta to your PC, Mac, I Phone, etc. They walk you through the process. One way or another, you download, read, and then write a wildly enthusiastic review. (For those of you who’ve read/heard the manuscript in workshop, you might go straight to aforesaid wildly enthusiastic review. As always, I appreciate your support as we trudge this difficult path to (wherever) together. THANK YOU!! Check it out

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