From Colored to Black A Heartfelt and Historic Read


We had the chance this week to celebrate with Erin Goseer Mitchell the publication of her second book, From Colored to Black, A Bittersweet Journey (Ampersand, 2016).  At a reading we hosted for her, one guest called it a chance to meet “living history.”  She read a story called “Grandma Tucker’s Red Piano,” and he actually had a friend who also had such an unusual musical instrument.  The story was warm and funny and a good taste of the contents of the book, chronicling Erin’s journey from Fitzgerald, Georgia (treated at length in her first book Born Colored) and her arrival in Chicago, where she was a teacher in the Chicago public schools.  Living history, indeed, from an inspirational woman.

If you haven’t read it, you should get a copy of Erin’s first book, Born Colored. 

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