You’ve Read OFTA; Now Please Review It

I’m so grateful to so many who have written me to tell me how much you enjoyed ONE FOR THE ARK.  So I am reluctant to ask for a smidge more of your time, but it would really help me (or so the industry wisdom has it) if you would review OFTA at and/or on  I know many of my readers are themselves writers, but I assure you, Amazon is not looking for a review worthy of The New York Times.  They are looking for a few words  (25 or so would be grand) that say something you liked about the book.  And some stars, of course.

Writers should know no one is judging the literary merit of the review for a graduate course in English Lit.  What would you say to a friend in the elevator about One for the Ark?  Or what did you telll me in your email?  I’d love it if you’d put that in a review (it can be anonymous) and post it.  I only have 5 reviews right now, although I’ve given away 57 promotional copies.  So, please, please  write something!

Note, you don’t need to have purchased your copy from amazon in order to review ONE FOR THE ARK.  They do require that you sign in as a customer, but you can post an ANONYMOUS review.

As always, I appreciate your support.

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