Just pushed the “publish” button on a 193 page paperback, pferfect bound history of Lawyers for the Creative Arts called “LCA:  The First Forty Years.”  I spent some time going through the existing minutes of this nonprofit legal services organization which provides pro bono services to emerging artists and arts organizations.  Found the names of 125 Board members over the years, including the name of Michelle Obama.  (I’ve been on this Board for 28 years, and have seen it go through some good times and some not-so-good times, but what a joy to celebrate 40 years with a real book chronicling our accomplishments.  It is remarkably easy and relatively cheap to produce a print-on-demand title, although a bit unnerving, given my lack of proofreading abilities.  We used createspace and the book will be available in September for $10.  I am chair of LCA’s 40th celebration, and with Maureen Collins planniing a family reunion where the  goodie bag gift will be our book (which, fyi, costs the author $3.60 each, delivered.)  I think other organizations may want to explore this form of self-publishing,  and even individuals–for celebrations, or even recipe books for wedding showers, or for big birthdays…So much fun!!

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